Welcome new reader!

You have come to an explanatory page of an online comic you did not understand at first glance and are asking yourself: "Why?" or "What the fuck is this!?" and are looking to find an answer here. Usually answers should be given in such a section, but I refrain from doing so. You may ask yourself other questions now, questions like: "Again, why?" or "Why the fuck?" or "Are you insane?", but these questions also will remain unanswered. By choice.

champelinos deals with every day life in all its unanswered absurd and profane chaotic glory. The characters protrayed here may reappear or may only be shown once. Maybe they will have a name, maybe they remain unknown. It does not matter. But if it matters to you, browse through the entire archive or revisit the page on a later date. Maybe the answer is there by then, maybe it is not. Maybe you find a strip funny, maybe not. It does not matter, either.

I shall close with a quote from one of my favourite scientists, Dr. Denis Leary:

"Shut the fuck up, next!"